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Phone Straps & Phone Charms

Phone Straps & Phone Charms

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Slimline Leather Strap | Zwart DutchiesSlimline Leather Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap | Black Sale price€29,50
Slimline Leather Strap | Bruin DutchiesSlimline Leather Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap | Brown Sale price€29,50
Tribal Chevron Strap | Zwart DutchiesTribal Chevron Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Tribal Chevron Strap | Black Sale price€22,50
Italian Bandolier (Vegan leer) | Zwart DutchiesItalian Bandolier (Vegan leer) | Zwart Dutchies
French Bandolier DutchiesFrench Bandolier Dutchies
Phone Chain | French Bandolier Sale price€29,50
Slimline Leather Strap | Beige DutchiesSlimline Leather Strap | Beige Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap | Beige Sale price€29,50
Basic Black Strap | Zwart DutchiesBasic Black Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Basic Black Strap | Black Sale price€22,50
Tribal Chevron Strap | Bruin DutchiesTribal Chevron Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Tribal Chevron Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Cleo Beige | Bruin DutchiesCleo Beige | Bruin Dutchies
Cleo Beige | Brown Sale price€22,50
Italian Bandolier (Vegan leer) | Bruin DutchiesItalian Bandolier (Vegan leather) | Bruin Dutchies
Beige Chevron Strap | Bruin DutchiesBeige Chevron Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Beige Chevron Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Sand Tribal | Bruin DutchiesSand Tribal | Bruin Dutchies
Sand Tribal | Brown Sale price€22,50
Telefoonketting | Coco DutchiesTelefoonketting | Coco Dutchies
Phone Chain | Coco Sale price€24,50
Latte Knit Strap | Bruin DutchiesLatte Knit Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Latte Knit Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Cleo Beige | Zwart DutchiesCleo Beige | Zwart Dutchies
Cleo Beige | Black Sale price€22,50
The Terry | Bruin Dutchies
The Terry | Brown Sale price€22,50
Classic Chevron Strap | Zwart DutchiesClassic Chevron Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Classic Chevron Strap | Black Sale price€22,50
Sand Zebra Strap | Zwart DutchiesSand Zebra Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Sand Zebra Strap | Black Sale price€22,50
African Zebra | Zwart DutchiesAfrican Zebra | Zwart Dutchies
African Zebra | Black Sale price€22,50
Latte Knit Strap | Beige DutchiesLatte Knit Strap | Beige Dutchies
Latte Knit Strap | Beige Sale price€22,50
The Terry | Zwart DutchiesThe Terry | Zwart Dutchies
The Terry | Black Sale price€22,50
Bold Chevron | Zwart DutchiesBold Chevron | Zwart Dutchies
Bold Chevron | Black Sale price€22,50
Desert Leopard Strap | Bruin DutchiesDesert Leopard Strap | Brown Dutchies
Desert Leopard Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Cleo Pastel Strap | Bruin DutchiesCleo Pastel Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Cleo Pastel Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Marine Tribal | Bruin DutchiesMarine Tribal | Bruin Dutchies
Marine Tribal | Brown Sale price€22,50
Sold outDesert Leopard Strap | Zwart DutchiesDesert Leopard Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Desert Leopard Strap | Black Sale price€22,50
Wild Wonder Strap | Zwart DutchiesWild Wonder Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Wild Wonder Strap | Black Sale price€22,50
Sand Zebra Strap | Bruin DutchiesSand Zebra Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Sand Zebra Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Desert Beige Strap | Bruin DutchiesDesert Beige Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Desert Beige Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Harvey | Zwart DutchiesHarvey | Black Dutchies
Harvey | Black Sale price€22,50
Sand Tribal | Beige DutchiesSand Tribal | Beige Dutchies
Sand Tribal | Beige Sale price€22,50
Cleopatra Strap | Bruin DutchiesCleopatra Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Cleopatra Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Italian Bandolier (Vegan leer) | Beige Dutchies
Living Coral Strap | Bruin DutchiesLiving Coral Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Living Coral Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Telefoonketting | Joan DutchiesTelefoonketting | Joan Dutchies
Phone Chain | Joan Sale price€24,50
Bold Chevron | Bruin DutchiesBold Chevron | Bruin Dutchies
Bold Chevron | Brown Sale price€22,50
Florence DutchiesTelefoonketting | Florence Dutchies
Phone Chain | Florence Sale price€24,50
Basic Black Strap | Bruin DutchiesBasic Black Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Basic Black Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Paris Flair | Zwart DutchiesParis Flair | Zwart Dutchies
Paris Flair | Black Sale price€22,50
Paris Flair | Bruin DutchiesParis Flair | Bruin Dutchies
Paris Flair | Brown Sale price€22,50
Cocoa Brown Strap | Bruin DutchiesCocoa Brown Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Cocoa Brown Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50
Midnight Knit | Zwart DutchiesMidnight Knit | Zwart Dutchies
Midnight Knit | Black Sale price€22,50
Cleopatra Strap | Zwart DutchiesCleopatra Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Cleopatra Strap | Black Sale price€22,50
Hazelnut | Bruin DutchiesHazelnut | Zwart Dutchies
Hazelnut | Brown Sale price€22,50
Snow Leopard Strap | Zwart DutchiesSnow Leopard Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Snow Leopard Strap | Black Sale price€22,50
Latte Knit Strap | Zwart DutchiesLatte Knit Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Latte Knit Strap | Black Sale price€22,50
Marine Tribal | Zwart DutchiesMarine Tribal | Zwart Dutchies
Marine Tribal | Black Sale price€22,50
Tan Coral Strap | Bruin DutchiesTan Coral Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Tan Coral Strap | Brown Sale price€22,50

Our different phone straps just for you

Wearing your phone on a strap is the solution for you: The long and adjustable phone straps ensure that you always carry your phone with you, but have your hands free. Your phone is nearby when you want to take a quick photo or selfie, but safe around you when you're not using it. Protected from falls, no more rummaging in your bag and no forgotten - let alone stolen - phone. Protect your phone and carry it safely and stylishly with you.

Tired of your phone strap? Switch it for one of our other designs or combine your strap with our stylish leather phone cases.