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Slimline Leather Strap | Zwart DutchiesSlimline Leather Strap | Zwart Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap | Bruin DutchiesSlimline Leather Strap | Bruin Dutchies
Italian Bandolier (Vegan leer) | Zwart DutchiesItalian Bandolier (Vegan leer) | Zwart Dutchies
French Bandolier DutchiesFrench Bandolier Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap | Beige DutchiesSlimline Leather Strap | Beige Dutchies
Italian Bandolier (Vegan leer) | Bruin DutchiesItalian Bandolier (Vegan leather) | Bruin Dutchies
Telefoonketting | Coco DutchiesTelefoonketting | Coco Dutchies
Phone Chain | Coco Sale price€24,50
Italian Bandolier (Vegan leer) | Beige Dutchies
Telefoonketting | Joan DutchiesTelefoonketting | Joan Dutchies
Phone Chain | Joan Sale price€24,50
Florence DutchiesTelefoonketting | Florence Dutchies
Phone Chain | Florence Sale price€24,50
Telefoonketting | Amelia DutchiesTelefoonketting | Amelia Dutchies
Phone Chain | Amelia Sale price€24,50
Slimline Leather Strap met gouden studs | Zwart DutchiesSlimline Leather Strap with gold studs | Black Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap | 2 cm | Beige DutchiesSlimline Leather Strap | 2 cm | Beige Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap | Zwart DutchiesSlimline Leather Strap | 2 cm | Black Dutchies
Telefoonketting | Eva DutchiesTelefoonketting | Eva Dutchies
Phone Chain | Eva Sale price€24,50
Telefoonketting | Rosa Dutchies
Phone Chain | Rosa Sale price€24,50
Telefoonketting | Aletta Dutchies
Phone Chain | Aletta Sale price€24,50
Indian Bandolier DutchiesIndian Bandolier Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap met gouden studs | Beige Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap met gouden studs | Bruin Dutchies
Slimline Leather Strap | 2 cm | Bruin Dutchies

The perfect phone chain for you!

Looking for the perfect combination of style, functionality and protection for your iPhone or Samsung phone? Discover our exclusive Dutchies phone chain in gold, leather or a radiant color - the ultimate accessory for modern, active woman who want their phone always at hand.

  • Elegant Gold Finish: Our phone necklaces are designed with love for detail and available in a luxurious gold finish. Gold exudes class and sophistication, making your phone a real eye-catcher.
  • High Quality Leather: The chain is made of high quality leather that is not only durable but also pleasant to the touch. It ensures that your phone is safe and hangs comfortably around your neck.
  • Dutchies phone case: Our phone chains fit seamlessly with the Dutchies leather phone case. The cases feature a card holder and match the phone chains perfectly.
  • Stylish and Practical: Our phone chains are not only functional but also stylish. They match any outfit and any occasion, from casual outings to chic events.
  • Compatibility: Our phone chains are designed for both iPhone and Samsung phones. Whether you are an iPhone user or a Samsung fan, we have the perfect solution for you.

Choose a phone chain that not only protects your phone, but also takes your style to the next level. Discover our phone chains today.