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The story behind Dutchies

How it started...

Inspired by colorful Africa, the idea for Dutchies was born in 2022. For a year I -Anne- travel through Africa with my husband and two kids and our 4x4 with roof tents takes us to the most beautiful places. But I (avid camera user a.k.a. mamarazzi) keep complaining about the lack of a suitable phone case. My phone, which is much too large, doesn't fit in my pocket, I lose it non-stop and I find a cover with a cord that can't be removed super irritating. I search online for something that meets all the requirements - protective, interchangeable, stylish and quality - but I can't find it...

And so I decide during our journey to do it myself and the dream of this Dutchie is born ... The endless search for the most beautiful prints and materials begins and the collection starts to take shape. Suppliers go crazy because I am critical. It must be quality, real leather and high -quality natural materials. I have samples sent to Zambia, Namibia and other places that we pass and if everything is true, the production of the ideal phone cover will start at the end of 2022.

The launch

The moment I have the very first collection of Dutchies covers and straps in my hands, I will never forget. About The Moon I am with how everything seems to be right. In December 2022 we are launching the first collection of handmade leather phone cases with interchangeable strap on our website and the positive reactions flow within ...!

What turned out was that thousands of women had the same problem and were immediately thrilled about Dutchies! In no time, we are packing day and (sometimes literally!) night, opening our warehouse, retailers are joining us, and the Dutchies team is growing!

Our Doing Good Program

From the start of Dutchies it is clear that we would also like to do something good with the sale and that is why we support The Almond Tree, a project in Johannesburg (South Africa) aimed at the most vulnerable orphans in South Africa.

The work and approach of The Almond Tree has hit our heart. We donate € 1 to The Almond Tree of every cover sold. This money is invested, among other things, in a studio where women can work and it is our dream to take part of the production there.

Dutchies conquers the Dutch streets

The enthusiasm grows and soon we knew that we wanted more, in addition to iPhone we start with the production of Samsung covers, the beige Bliss collection, and we expand with, among other things, telephone bags, AirPod cases. At the end of 2023 we even launch our first party collection!

We are with all those new Dutchies and oh, how we hope that you will soon turn out your own Dutchies with exactly the same feeling. Because we believe in it: A high -quality leather phone cover, worn with a beautiful strap that matches your style, outfit and mood and ensures that your phone is always safe and stylic with you have.

Do you let us know what you think?

Love of the Dutchies