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Customer succes manager

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We are Dutchies, you might know us for those cute phone cases! Based in the heart of the province of Utrecht, we run the most enjoyable webshop in the Netherlands. Of course, we say that ourselves! Since our start at the end of 2022, we've been growing rapidly. This year, we won an award for the best newcomer in e-commerce. And due to this fast growth, we're urgently looking for reinforcements. Will you grow with us?

What you'll be doing:
We believe that excellent customer service is the foundation of a successful e-commerce business. In fact, without customers, there's no Dutchies, so we cherish them dearly! That's why we heavily invest in this aspect, and we proudly score a 9.6 in our reviews. To maintain this or even slightly improve it (hey, we're leaving that 0.4 somewhere, right? ;)), we're looking for someone to take charge of Dutchies Customer Support.

You won't be alone in this; you'll work alongside a few lovely ladies who handle customer service for a few hours each week. In this role, you'll complement this team, but you'll also be responsible for creating the schedule, enhancing our service by implementing tools like AI or WhatsApp communication, ensuring that we give our customers the attention they deserve.

How will we allocate these hours? To be honest, time will have to teach us a bit, but currently, we're thinking of 10 hours per week for direct customer service, 5 hours for optimization and improvement, and 5 hours for supervision and planning.

What we're looking for:

  • We're an international webshop, so we expect you to be at least somewhat tech-savvy and proficient in English and/or German.
  • You're entrepreneurial, enjoy learning new things, and setting them up.
  • Experience in a customer service role is a big plus.
  • You have a thick skin: We're lucky to have many lovely and kind customers. However, there are also cases where you might think... well, you know what we mean. Fortunately, you don't let it get to you and can ensure every customer leaves with a smile, digitally speaking. And if that doesn't happen? You know you've done everything you could, and you move on with good spirits.
  • You enjoy managing a small team but also being hands-on and in contact with customers yourself.
  • You're focused on optimizing processes and customer communication, and you enjoy setting up a system that centralizes all customer communication while maintaining a personal touch.

Are you mainly seeking routine and structure? Sorry, but that's not what we offer! We'd describe the phase Dutchies is currently in more as a wild rollercoaster than a streamlined train. But hey, you'll get a lot in return: fun, freedom, responsibility, shining with the latest Dutchies, learning new things, opportunities, and a great startup team.

We believe that if you do things you enjoy, success will come naturally. Therefore, our ideal candidate is above all enthusiastic, occasionally colors outside the lines, and is a bit entrepreneurial. And the rest, we'll figure it out together!

Interested? Then send a message to Anne, owner of Dutchies, via

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